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Our Vision

Our vision is to build environmentally sustainable infill developments that decrease the pressure on urban sprawl, whilst creating beautiful houses that people will want to come home to.

The Development Process – 7 Steps

Every project we undertake is governed by our simple 7  Step process.

Each of these steps is an important component of the plan, design and build processes, and ultimately leads to the building of your new home.

Step One: We start with an Express Assess to confirm the viability of your project for subdivision and development.

Step Two: A Property Development Assessment determines the potential your site has for subdivision and development. Understanding the finances for your proposed development before you spend time and money on detailed plans.

Step Three: Concept Drawings distill the design brief into high level drawings that satisfy all key stakeholders and assist in the permit approval.

Step Four: The Town Planning Application package brings Concept Drawings up to the standard required to lodge a Town Planning Permit application so that a Planning Permit can be issued.

Step Five: The Detailed Working Drawing package brings Town Planning Drawings up to the standard required by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) so that a Building Permit can be issued.

Step Six: The Build step turns the Building Permit drawings into Bricks and Mortar.

Step Seven: Realise your profits through a strong sales and marketing campaign.

Property Development Assessment

We recommend completing a Property Development Assessment (PDA) to help you identify what level of opportunity your project may have.

This due diligence and feasibility process takes place at the start of a project, before you spend time and money on plans or consultants.

We provide your completed PDA within 7 days of ordering. Perfect for weekend auctions.

Order your Property Development Assessment with RPData online for only $950 (inc. GST).

Purchase your PDA today to get your project underway!

Alternatively you can call Breece on (03) 9600 4541 and order over the phone.


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In determining the feasibility of a project in the critical early stages, we have devised an inexpensive Property Development Assessment to help assess the potential of a project and build the basis of the project strategy.